This is just a boss guide for now.

This boss guide will include Pokemon, EXP recieved, and a strategy to beat them.

Rival Battle 1 (Pallet Town)Edit


Charmander Lv.5 or

Squirtle Lv.5 or

Bulbasaur Lv.5




Just use Tackle.


Eevee Lv.5 98 Just use Thundershock.

Rival Battle 2 (Route 22)Edit


Pidgey Lv.9 106 Avoid using Bulbasaur if you picked him, use something like Rattata or your own Pidgey.

Charmander Lv.8 or

Squirtle Lv.8 or

Bulbasaur Lv.8




Avoid using your starter, if you chose Squirtle, Pidgey will work wonders.


Spearow Lv.9 111 Pikachu will easily dispatch him
Eevee Lv.8 157 You can use Pikachu, but I recommend using Mankey with Low Kick(level 9), which can be caught here on Route 22.

Gym Leader Brock (Pewter City)Edit


Geodude Lv.12 187 Bulbasaur with Vine Whip(level 13) or Squirtle with Bubble(level 8) will beat him easily, but if you have Charmander, use Ember and some Potions, it will do decent damage due to it's low special stat.
Onix Lv.14 324 Same as above, except for Charmander, for Onix, use Growl when he's using Bide, then use Ember when it fails. Bring plenty of Potions.


Geodude Lv.10 156 I recommend using a Mankey with Low Kick(level 9), which will easily beat him.
Onix Lv.12 277 Same as above

Gym Leader Misty (Cerulean City)Edit


Staryu Lv.18 408 If you chose Bulbasaur, this won't be a problem, but if you chose Squirtle or Charmander, catch a Oddish(Red) or Bellsprout(Blue) on Route 24.
Starmie Lv.21 931 If you chose Bulbasaur, this won't be a problem, but if you chose Squirtle or Charmander, use the Oddish or Bellsprout stated above.


Staryu Lv.18 408 Don't use Pikachu unless he has Thunderbolt(level 26), if not, use the Bulbasaur that is given to you in Cerulean City if Pikachu's happiness is high enough.
Starmie Lv.21 931 Same as above.


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