This will not have much detail, just the info. Any Items and Battle are their own little sections, and in order that you sould(or have to) pick them up. I will also list the amount of exp given.

Battles will be in this format:

Trainer name
Pokemon 1 Exp for 1 (Exp for 2)
Pokemon 2 Exp for 1 (Exp for 2)
Pokemon 3 Exp for 1 (Exp for 2)
Pokemon 4 Exp for 1 (Exp for 2)
Pokemon 5 Exp for 1 (Exp for 2)
Pokemon 6 Exp for 1 (Exp for 2)

I know weird, but I like it.

Start to End of Cipher LabEdit

Beginning PartEdit

The game immediately starts with a sim battle.

Salmence Lv.50(you) vs. Metagross Lv.50(opponent)

Just use Earthquake twice and you'll win.

Pokemon HQ Lab - Visit OneEdit


  • Potion x3 - In your room
  • Antidote x2 - Outside, around the edge on the left side


Cooltrainer Aferd
Sentret Lv. 5 61 (36)

Kaminko's House - Visit OneEdit


  • None


Kaminko Aide Chobin
Sunkern Lv.5 55 (33)

Pokemon HQ Lab - Visit TwoEdit


  • Pokeballs x5 - Recieved right after getting the snag machine.


Spy Naps
Teddiursa Lv.11+ Shadow(forced to capture)

Gateon PortEdit


  • Super Potion
  • Pokeball x3
  • Awakening
  • Parlyz Heal
  • Potion


Chaser Laken
Swablu Lv.6 95 (47)
Feebas Lv.6 78 (39)

Navigator Berk

Wingull Lv.6 82 (41)
Lotad Lv.6 95 (47)
Sailor Bost
Marill Lv.6 74 (37)
Whismur Lv.6 87 (43)

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